Likelike RP

Here is my idea for an RP mode that I think would be realistic without taking all the fun away:

Imagine this; no longer is the NLR so powerful. There are ways around it, such as finding evidence. Like when you buy a gun, and you shoot someone, the body has the bullet in it which serves as proof, and the police can arrest you. But that’s not all, that dead person to save as much money as they can takes out an insurance policy, it saves a large chunk of their money for the next time they live. After putting it in, they cannot take it out. Also, they can put their money in banks, and while doing so and they are stored they gain 10% interest, allowing them to increase their pockets. However when they die, the money they stored in the bank is lost.

Also, if there were a way you could utilize Sakarias Cars to make it so that when someone else is driving that stole it or the vehicle is reported stolen, when a police officer sees that vehicle being driven by someone else they are automatically wanted and the police can go after them.

Also, the bodies of the people that are killed remain there, until they are buried. And after awhile the graves disappear so as not to cause lag and such, but I also have a fun/stupid idea; what if at one point someone could make a virus and make zombies? Just a thought though, but the main point of this idea is RP. Real life-like rp.

I have further thoughts on this, but this is just something of a starting off-point.

Good, But my head kinda blew while reading it…

But when the bullet is in the body, Where is the proof? Do you have to touch the bullet before putting it into the gun?

The thing is, when you buy ammo and the swep is registered and all, when someone is hit with it, evidence is created so that when the police press E on the body they can find out who did it.

Sounds nice, but will there be anything really real-life like that makes me want to play an RP server again?