Lillwasa's Random Christmas Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Lillwasa’s Random Christmas Pack


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod and a Christmas spirit


Most of these models are still W.I.P so they are not perfect, consider it a sneak peek of what to come.

Credits goes to all developers and Medrop who made these models.

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.

Merry Christmas!

Holy SHit!
Merry fucking christmas! :smiley:

Oh MY GOD!!!

Yes, dead space!

Altair! YAY!

FUCK Ninja’d

I mother fucking love you!

Rbt, altair, star wars scout guy, ozzy, and slash!

Fuck yeah!

Thats Ozzy! and Slash!
Fucking awesome man! :smiley: Merry Xmas to you too <3

Just a quick heads up Lill’ You missed an S on Materials It’s Material same thing with models its label model

Ah damn will reupload with it.


Fffffffffffffffffff assassins creed and tali !!


My best Christmas present :v:, even tho I got red faction guerilla from a friend.

Please reupload it when you can, I spy a freakin’ Velociraptor right thar

wow good!
Merry christmas!

ps. where can i find models look like monster in screenshot

What’s with the head below Slash’s ass?

holy crap! I love you and themanest now


That’s me :v:

Altair and Tali

My head just exploded in a million pieces

The Ninja CT strikes - With gifts!

Thank you so much Lill’! I love you so much!