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So guys I need help in Lua, I will keep all my questions here! :smiley:

for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do

  • stuff -

What is k ?
And how can you do this with tables like for example this.

Players = {STEAMID:1231251,STEAMID:1231251,STEAMID:1231251,STEAMID:1231251,STEAMID:1231251 } – just an example


Off-Topic and I’ll be leaving right after I say this, but I thought you were developing some kind of Limbo King’s Quest, because the rest of question was blocked out :v: and should answer your questions I believe.

Ok so I’ve encountered a new problem.

I am using DListView to keep information in it.

For example if it had this information:

Name, Number of Kills, Rank

How would I find the line by name, and change ONLY The rank?

If you need more details please ask.

No body know?

Don’t use DListView.

Then what do I use?

Telling me not to use it is okay… but I want an alternative ?

What can I use other than DListView to show a list?

I’m not good with derma but so you know DListView is deprecated now.

Then what do I use?