LimeRP - Another RP mode :)

:siren: This topic is for discussion of the gamemode, not the server it is on. If you have any issues with the players or admins on the server then complain at the appropriate place.
The idea of this gamemode was to recreate DarkRP but to be more efficient and with alot more features. It is not a re-skin, nor an edit. Door Menu Derma is taken from DarkRP, Jobs also imported as well we liked the basic jobs. Door menu will be remade, it was just a handy Derma while rushing a beta.:siren:

:siren: This script has no affiliation with Limescript. We chose the name LimeRP randomly while bored:siren:


LimeRP is a game mode mainly coded by Tobba for ByB Servers. The gamemode is a recreation of DarkRP with efficiency in mind. Most of the hard work has gone into removing data traffic.



** Current: **
[li]Jobs[/li][li]Shop[/li][li]Skills[/li][li]Working NPCs[/li][li]Gangs[/li][li]Defibrillator SWEP[/li][li]Chat - OOC - Local - VoiceRadius - 911 - Report - 10,000 channel radio[/li][li]Skills - XP based[/li][li]Death Camera - Fixes your camera location based on ragdoll.[/li][li]Inventory (Nearly finished, Saving needs a tweak or 3)[/li][li]Realistic plants that grow over time[/li][li]Fire System - Fire spreads, Fire Fighter job with working extinguishers[/li][li] MySQL Wallets/RPName/Iventory (Once Inventory saves working)[/li][li]Extremely efficient. I think Tobba is addicted to saving reducing data traffic pollution.[/li]Quote from Tobba: “every byte counts :science:”

Planned/WIP Features:

[li]Custom Factions/Gangs - 0% Progress[/li][li]Clothing & Accessories - 50% Progress[/li][li]Garage NPC (Inventory for cars) - 0% Progress[/li][li]Crafting system for ammo,weapons and other sundries - 0% Progress[/li][/ul]


First Menu: Jobs


Second: Firefighter


Third: Police


Fourth: Fire


Fifth: Firefighter using Extinguisher


Sixth: Store Menu


Seventh: Skills Menu


Eighth: NPC


Ninth: Death Cam


Video One: Fire mod:
Old video, was first day of testing with admins playing around



Tobba - Dev
Present and past DarkRP devs for Ideas/Code refrence (Door Menu / Jobs Importing / Help Tips)
AzuiSleet - Making gm_tmysql2
Silkicons -
HUD - Shane, modified by Tobba
Models - Whoever made them _
Monkey Power - Assisted ideas & code
Anyone who helped Tobba - If you should be here PM me.

Beta Server:

The fire is really hurting my eyes

It looks like DarkRP and PERP mixed together.
I’ll come on and try it…

It’s not mixed, I bet its just stolen perp code.

Will accessorizing be something a bit like PAC2?

I love how there is darkrp chat tips in the chat yet this isn’t darkrp…
oh, and it uses falco’s prop protection too, as I can tell from the pictures.
Also, the boxes from talking to NPCs looks like it was just ripped from perp.

This looks like a bunch of stolen stuff.

Looking at the main menu, this is an edit of darkland rp

The name made me think of lime popsicles.

seems my post was over looked. As I stated it most likely uses stolen code. Also prop protection isn’t needed. FPP is a waste using nwvars.

How was it overlooked?.

This is not based from darklands or PERP. When we said it was to re-create DarkRP we kinda meant it, im gonna redo much stuff now


And also FPP was used becuse no others worked well, im making my own

Oh im sorry would I didn’t realise I needed every addon included in the credits…

Mad Cows Weapons

Really not going to mention all the tools as I just woke up :).

But you are correct, the tips where taken from DarkRP. Since the idea was to remake DarkRP with more features it made sence. Forgot to include that in the description, sorry.

It wasn’t overlooked, it was ignored as a troll post by the masses. Like I said, this was designed to be a recreation of DarkRP.

You don’t need to create an addon include it directly in the game mode. I’m pretty sure theres some code taken without credit. Lie some more…

You said you weren’t using anything from DarkRP, yet the font color for tips and the tips themselves are from DarkRP.
It was not ignored at all, and it was not a troll post. He is completely correct and from the pictures it just looks like a bunch of stolen code.

Stop being a butthurt PERP fanboy and deal with it.

Im not a fanboy.

That hud looks familiar.

Already quoted and said Help tips where taken from DarkRP. I even edited the original post to correct that.

No matter how many times you say “Looks like a bunch of stolen code” and no matter how many times I say “It isn’t” there is no real way to prove it without seeing the code. That been said I would appreciate you actually joining and trying the gamemode instead of jumping to conclusions based on a screenshot.



It’s not included in the GameMode because it is not planned to be used for long. More of a stop gap for easy tool restriction.

Dam you as i was reading the Original Post i was thinking looks like dark-rp and perp.

I hope it’s not a lemon.

Is there any release date?