LimeScript - Half-Life 2 RP

~ 1) The Introduction~
The air is dry with the scent of freshly drawn blood from the bodies of the combine and the resistance forces… A major battle has just taken place and there has been no declared winner. Both sides remain with 1 man left to represent them both, the resistance have their leader; Logan Grant while the Civil Protection’s own administrator Dr. Alexander…

They are both positioned in the nearly destroyed Nexus that overlooks City 18, Alexander’s assigned city, silence becoming no more as Logan begins to speak to his rival.

“So… This is how it ends for you? You’re going down with your city?” Logan questioned sarcastically to the neatly dressed man in front of him.

“A captain never leaves his ship… An ambassador never leaves his country… A leader never gives up…” Replied Dr. Alexander through a mouth of blood…

Logan gave a grin as he raised his sub machine gun, aiming down the sights at the man behind the desk. His rival Alexander just stood there staring blankly at his fate. As swiftly as the resistance had entered the Nexus had Logan pulled the trigger three times simultaneously, forcing 3 rounds from the SMG’s clip into his enemy’s forehead… Logan takes no time to walk up to the dead City Administrator….

“But in the end… They always end up dieing.” Logan muttered to the corpse before quickly rotating on his heel heading back towards the elevator which had barely been functioning.

As he boarded and sent the elevator down, most of the administrator’s (CA) office had engulfed itself in flames as it was finally beginning to crumble from the insane amount of damage it had taken in the battle. The elevator shaft had begun to fill with smoke as the ceiling over head showed signs of a cave in, the shaft now igniting into flames from it’s wall panels. Logan had made it safely to the bottom, but he had to limp his way out through the jammed doors and smoking corridors, only to be greeted by a nearly destroyed city (18)… The hospital had no longer existed, instead there was a large pile of rubble to replace it, and the combine’s bridge to the nexus had collapsed into the formation of a ramp, while the combine barriers to the left of it (exiting the nexus) had now revealed a path out of the city to a half destroyed train station…

“Looks like it’s time to move on.” Laughed the former Resistance Leader, he slid his way down the ramp of the bridge, tossing his SMG onto a nearby fallen comrade…

Logan began limping towards the train station, his arms crossed against his chest as he hunched over with blood dripping from his arms and legs, only visible through his torn clothing…
As Logan glanced around the train station, he noticed signs that showed the trains designated locations: “City 45, City 82, City 11, City 2, City 17, City 93, City 103” some of the signs had a red ‘canceled’ stamp on them, City 2, and City 103. Logan found the train that would take him to City 45, before boarding the train Logan had placed himself in a pair of ‘citizen clothes’ and tried to walk as normal as he began to board the train…

~ 2) The Storyline/Setting~
So I bet your wondering “wtf” is with this paragraph of role-play, hm? Okay well to start it is the introduction to a brand new server of Garrysmod that is going to reflect and resemble the Half Life 2 world. The server, of course, is a Half Life 2 role-play server… But because HL2RP has become old and dull we have decided to modify Cakescript a bit to give it more of a personal feel, It’s more of a ‘lemon’ and ‘cake’ script but we have also added some of our own custom things which you’ll have to check out for yourself.

Now this server takes place BEFORE, yes BEFORE, the City 17 uprising lead by Gordon Freeman… However reports of rebel uprising have begun to become a problem. So City45 (the city in our server) has now begun to ‘up’ its combine force. So we have squads of civil protection units as well as an added on unit called dispatch, we will develop this class in-game, so join in?


As you could see from the intro (if you read it) that Logan Grant is the character playing as the Resistance/Rebel leader. He is currently an active and living character, and he’s looking for more vengeance (hint hint to you rebel lovers) but the combine know of the downfall of City 18, but they do not know how it was possible.

So you now know what the beginning storyline of the server is, and it can be changed frequently, by whom? You. Yes, You. Every role-play you do with a ‘high command’ unit in our server will reflect upon our storyline. So your looking at a near dynamic roleplay server that you practically build. Rebels take over the city? So be it, we will then begin a Combine uprising or a transfer to a new map(city) Combine decide to iniate a curfew or lay down strict law enforcement laws, that’ll add more fuel to the resistance fire.


** ~ 3) Server Information ~ **
Server Name: [Limescript] Serious HL2:RP
Server IP:
Server Website: LimeRP forums
Server Required Add-ons: Our server’s models + sounds and everything you need!

~ 4) The Short version of 1 + 2 ~
You get, with this server:

~ A fully dynamic roleplay experience that evolves as you evolve
~ A good administrative team
~ A role-play server that has the potential of Role-Playing
~ A server that has a background to it (Part 1) as well as a reason for it’s models
~ A growing playerbase, easier to ‘grow in ranks’ when it comes to flags.
~ A fair community: We don’t give ‘our friends’ admin or flags just because they are our friends, they need to earn it!

Server takes place: Before HL2 (same concept though)
Server Type: SERIOUS role-play

~ 5) The Team ~

Founder: Ikram Massabini
Co-Founder: DeFlanger
Head Administrator: Ikram Massabini
Administrators: Ikram, 3balls, MastaShake, DaFlanger

LUA Coder: DaFlanger

Server Provider: Gregory Kaats (R.I.P)
Writer (This post + Informational posts): Explicit.(FP: Navy1227) 

Note: I forgot this is for Facepunch and i just let my mind run wild… So if this post is to long for the some of you; I’m sorry. I know some people don’t like to read things so that’s why I added the short parts.
Note2: the intro is a narration like a screenplay/script.

Can’t wait for more people to get involved. I love this damn server :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great. I’ll come over some time!

Looks cool, I’ll check it out.

I just went into the server. It was extremely boring and the 4 people I was in the server with couldn’t use proper grammar at all. Also, they were using Assmod ( I hate Assmod ). This is more of a HL2 Resistance ( ep1 ) role-play than anything. I personally didn’t like it what so ever. 1/5 stars from me. (My opinion doesn’t matter I just thought I’d share it.)

Thank you for sharing your opinion with everyone else!

They stated what gamemode it was in the description by the way.

They didn’t add anything new besides a surface.draw box with a number stating the player’s health and replaced a ton of text in places.

I see, well thanks for sharing yet again! I would give it a chance though, if everyone rejects it then how can it grow into something better? :slight_smile:

We can’t expect ALL servers to start out epic :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Please pardon any typos as for my fingers are partially numb as i type this. Thanks.

Schu; You have a thign against communities not run by you hm? Would you like me to comemnt on all the flaws to your server(s)? Well guess what I’m not going to waste my time.

You speak for the 4 people on the server? One person doesn’t know proper grammar, I agree. But when you come and decide to disrepect me before knowing the reasons, that is just wow. One person was aFK and not speaking so you spoke as if he were here, so now your down to 1 person, the one person that doens’t exist or wasn’t speaking soooooooo your logic on that? I will admit that 1 perosn on our server (miniriot) does not use grammar as it should be used but then you say I can’t nor an afk person can’t… You just want excuses to make a community not run by you; to look bad.

As for the lemonade script; I beleive I mentioned that we are a ‘newcoming’ group so we need time to make major changes as well as minor ones, we just started on saturday (12th of December) and have barely made any changes. We plan to make more major changes to step away from lemonadescript, every community needs suggestion/time to change.

Now you’re just making assumptions here, why not prove him otherwise? Show proof that your community is good, perhaps a few screenshots of the gameplay or an interesting recording?

I might check your community out even though his opinion is very negative because I believe that we must all form our own opinions out of the gameplay because it might differ from others.

If you need any help with scripting or so forth, let me know and I can help you out if I’m not busy with my own community.

Regards, Pete

You have worse grammar then both of them and spelling. A numb finger doesn’t cause missing grammar. Anyway, like I said, It was MY RATING, MY OPINION. You posted a thread, expect some criticism, it’s Facepunch. But now you have given me another thought, I’d rather not share it because it would get me banned for flaming. Understand that I wasn’t insulting you, but telling people what it really is and saving them time on joining.

And about downsides on my community. Go ahead and post. We have no Facepunch thread so you have to visit go ahead and post whatever you’d like on there. We just put it up today so, troll/flame be negative whatever.

Now let me just do a friendly comparison between us.

** My community **

  • We have a real website
  • We have a 15-25 person constant player base on our main role-play server.
  • We have 3 servers.
  • Our members and administration team can use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • We receive quite a large bit of donations monthly.
  • All the role-play that gos on in the server is ‘juicy’ and in-depth, It never gets boring and there is always something new happening.

Your server.

  • You use a freeforums hosted website
  • You have one server.
  • So far none of the people I’ve met on there use terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • You seem like idiots (to me.)
  • You use a terrible gamemode (to me.)

Most are opinion but i think i made my point, I’m not trying to flame/troll you I’m just saying. With a bit more work this could actually be quite interesting and good.

(User was banned for this post ("troll" - Lithifold))

This man speaks the truth!

I learned a long time ago that Facepunch is what it is, expect the unexpected.

Schu, you know who i am, I know you hate everything I do, you were in there for 2 minutes, was watching through hlsw. fast acting response I see. Anyways, if more people join, it will be more fun. Im going in right now.

Exactly what I am saying, people should give it a chance :slight_smile: Of course everyone has their very own tolerance limit.

If everyone skips this server just because of a SINGLE opinion then you might be missing out.

Oh my penis… ** YOU ** are an admin? Faith lost.

Thank you Myrrdin.

Oh and this is true, You ** Should ** go and check it out, just a opinion guys… you might like it. I don’t, you aren’t me so go check it out.

Double post** I’m one of the owners.

You are one of the more intelligent people in this thread…


At least you have decent grammar… As far as I’m seeing, at least. One of the owners… sigh ** Fuck. **

Also ** Stop calling me “Schu” It makes me want to shit a brick on your face then stab you with a fork. I HATE IT.**

I agree, I will tomorrow but I can’t right now. I got caught up in the “Fast Threads” subforum :confused: