LimeScript Roleplay ~ Official Post ~

Welcome To Lime Script Roleplay!

~ What is it? ~

[release] Lime Script Roleplay is an Half Life Two, based Roleplay.
You may say “WTF” is Roleplay? Well Roleplay is when you create your own Character, to live in the Half Life Two World. He might be a Combine Protection Unit, fighting a Group of Rebels, or you might be a store owner, selling items at fair and great price, Well what ever you pick will surely have a backstory to it,
Evloving your roleplay.

Lime Script Roleplay is based off Tacoscript Two. Our server has great members who “Want to Roleplay” so we take roleplay very seriously. Our admin team will never minge you what so ever, if so report it to our forums at <-- I know Freeforums right? We are working on our new web site, so this will change. [/release]

**~ Story Line ~ **

[release] Well here is the story line… After the Black Mesa Event, the world went into a Seven hour war with the combine, in the Seven hours all hope was lost for humanity. After the Combine took control of Earth there was no place left to run.

           The combine started raiding cities and constructing new ones from the rebel, they started forcing people to wear what they wanted. Implying new rules that slowly weaken the human’s rights and morals; they would kill anyone who tried to stop them. Slowly the humans started to rebel, pockets of resistance fighters popped up everywhere, The one that popped up in our city was called, Limeda, Limeda is ran by a Vortigaunt named Nihilanth But due to a raid he was captured by the combine. 

Now here you are a citizen just trying to surivive. What side do you chose?
The choice is yours…[/release].

~ Our Script ~

[release]Our script has many wonderful functions that help “MAX” out roleplay
-Flagging system <-- Made by Rick Dark, and many others who have coded Tacoscript 2 like Reich roleplay (RIP)
-/sit /stand /lean Functions
-Tie-up system
-Body Hit system <-- Say your shot in the leg it slows you down, and will cause you to jump lower, and might make you bleed out.
-Radio system
-Clothing System <-- You can wear rebel clothing, and steal Civil Protection clothing to wear it.
-Scanner system <-- For Combine of course
-Wearable backpacks
-Buy Menu
-Black-market system
-Weather mod <-- Built in
-Much more[/release]]

~What you get with the server?

[release]You get with this server:

  • A fully dynamic roleplay experience that evolves as you evolve
  • A good administrative team
  • A role-play server that has the potential of Role-Playing
  • A server that has a background to it.
  • A growing playerbase, easier to ‘grow in ranks’ when it comes to flags.
  • A fair community: We don’t give ‘our friends’ admin or flags just because they are our friends, they need to earn it!
  • No Custom models “For now”

Server takes place: In the Half Life Two World, Before Gordon Freeman
Server Type: SERIOUS role-play[/release]

**~ Server Info **

[release]Server Name: [Lime script] Serious HL2:RP
Server IP:
Server Website: Lime Script Roleplay Forums [/release]

**~ Our Team **

[release]Founder - Ikram
Co-founder - Daflanger
Head Admin - Joker
Admins - 3 Balls, joker, Umbrella

Lua Coders - Ikram and Daflanger

Facepunch Writer - Ikram
Server Provider - Gregory Kaats (R.I.P) [/release]

P.S - Thank you for reading this post.

The server is. Like it is said above. incredible. A remarkable invention of Role play. We are also willing too help train people new too Serious ROLE PLAY as long as they actually try too learn and not just screw around and spawn props all day long, also known as MINGING. Its not costly and its a fun server. So why wait? Join now for a Role play experience too remember now and ALWAYS.

Thanks, bad spelling but thanks.

It looks pretty well done. I might check it out sometime.

Alright thank.

Its horrible. Run by a 13 year old kid, its a glitchy gamemode, and he takes credit for stolen code. He can’t code, he copy and pastes.

Please delete this thread he spoiled Half Life 2 without using spoilers.

First thank you for your opinon, but all your “facts” are wrong… The server is run by a 16 year old, but that really doesnt matter. All the credits are in F1 if you would see the server you would know. I don’t “Copy Paste code” so can you not troll, Thank you.

It gives you no spoilers, it tells nothing about what happens in the story line of Half life 2, but if you want i will post “SPOILERS” in the thread.

Didn’t know 16 year olds could sound 9. Anyway, its TS2 with bugfixes posted around facepunch and he takes credit for it. As for the actual roleplay, it sucks.

Oh look, another HL2RP

Oh shi-…

not another hl2rp

i’ll give it 2 weeks until the server is down and noone plays on it …

Alright rofl, thanks for showing us your opinon, but it just makes you look bad when you troll.

Black star, this server has been aroud for awhile, i just reposted the thread due to all the new updates, and changes to the server.

Thank you all for postibg your opinon, but before smack talking the server try out the server?


Yes, what about it?

I regret saying I would try it.

Why would you regret? I still don’t why everyone think its bad, but really i am just trying to promote it. The roleplay is great, the script is great, the admin team is fun. We do many Events, we have been planning a big event, where we save nihilanth from the combine control, also we give every member a chance to become a faction.

Honestly, its not a bad server at all. The script/roleplay is nice and they have a growing community.
I suggest some of the trolls try it >.>

I have bin playing Limes servers for sometime. There is allot of HL2RP’s going around Garry’s Mod. However this one i enjoyed playing the most. Its a simple and straight forward storyline that most can follow. It allows variation in Characters and roleplay is virtually free for every person. If you want your character to be a Rebel spy. Its possible. And i find that in this server. In comparison to most HL2RP’s The Combine, Civil Protection and Rebel’s will all still have time to communicate with a Civilian.

As For the community. The players tend to be very nice and helpfull. When I first joined I was a bit rusty to the ways of Serious RP. The community was quick to help. the Administrators and Moderators are kind and helpfull, and you dont have to fear rping with an Admin or Mod and have to worry about them using there Privledges too get the upper hand.

Although the server is new it has had past servers running HL2RP that ran smoothly and fun. With the start of a new story there is plenty of time to fit in

No, Ive played there and it is horrible, To say the least. And to sum it up all in one word I’ll just say this. Clusterfuck.

Thanks for your opinon, but i havent ever seen you on the server. I have seen you alot with Rofl tho…