Limit Garry's Mod Multiplayer Bandwith Usage

So, Yay.

First post! Anyways Lets get on to the reason why I registered for the facepunch community.

So I live in the country, farm lands and all, where I live doesn’t get High Speed Internet. Instead we have Joe Computers. Its unlimited Internet where they throttle you when you download over 200GB and the Internet is received over the air.

Well, I am I moderator for a “Server” and I need to do my Job. Problem is I played Garrys Mod for a month, and My family exceeded over 400GB of Data, which throttled us to really slow speeds.

I was wondering if You guys of the facepunch community know of a console command for Garrys Mod that limits the Bandwith usage of Garrys Mod Online connectivity so this never happens again.

If Not I’ll look up an external program to do it, but yeah, is there any way?

Also I don’t care if it will “Lag my game” or anything like that. Ill deal with it. Just don’t wana cost my parents freaking hundreds of dollars cause I was playing a video game :confused:

Nvmd… It may have been something else sucking up the Bandwith. So yeah.