limit ragdolls

scrublord question:

i need a way to limit the amount of dead NPC’s can exist on my server at any given time, as it focuses on killing zombies
the first 5 minutes start out fine then the corpses pile up and start to lagg my server out.
i have already tried limiting them in the .cfg files but that didnt work (i didn’t really expect it to).
i cant even use “clean up” every so often, as the only thing that clears the dead NPC’s is clean up everything. that gets rid of players stuff and map entities.

getting rid of the copses entirely or making them fade away almost isntantly would also be fine.

how can this be done?

“clean up” has options to clean up only NPCs/ragdolls, try that.

i did try both of those and only “clean up everything” works.
i think its because they spawn on the map rather than having a player spawn them in.

This should still work.

Exactly what i wanted, thanks a million.