Limit the use of weapons depending on the clothing

Hi, I purchased this game from the auction and one of the biggest problems I’ve had has been repeated times I’m dying and going after appearing naked. The alleged killing me because I thought he had a concealed weapon (m4 or shotgun) and could kill him, and so continually in all worlds. So I would like to propose that the weapons were limited depending on the clothing eg m4 requiring kevlar clothing, clothing fabric handgun and those who play naked could only equip stone guns and arch, so the other users would know that an naked would not be a threat to not have fire power against them. Like what you see?

No. They’re working on making your hotbar items draw on your character.

Does that mean?

I understand the problem you are trying to fix, but I don’t agree with this solution. What if I want to take my M4 with a rad-suit to collect stuff from the military base?

I think a better solution would be that any equipped gun is always visible on the character. Either its in your hand, or its shown strapped across your back or holstered at your hip.

If you want to carry more guns in inventory, thats fine, but the moment you put them into one of your six slots, they are immediately and always visible. (Eventually, moving something from your inventory to one of your slots should not be instantaneous either, but require, say, a 1 second animation).

There are other issues with weapons too. When you aim down sight, this is not reflected in your avatar for other people. Also, I think when you switch to a gun, although you see a short animation, other people don’t, and only see the gun when you can shoot it. Until the animation is available for the other people to see, they should get to see the gun immediately and before your animation finishes.

I like the brutal nature of this game, including the PVP elements & I dont want to see this game become a PVE love-fest. This continuous feeling of jeopary while playing must not be lost. Never-the-less, at the moment, the only sensible strategy is “shoot first, ask questions later”. I think a few subtle changes to the game could introduce just a little more room for trust.

It means that any weapons on the hotbar would show up on your character model. So if you had an M4 on your hotbar, there would be an M4 on your back.

Okay, so if that change will be made ​​and will be able to clearly see when someone has a gun then just wait to implement it in the game, do you know if they plan something to prevent deaths revive naked? Where could see what next they will add to the game and its future project?

there is a link to the games Trello. you can see what they’re working on, prioritizing, and plans