Limited OOC and extra Chat Commands

Mark as dumb if you like men.

This is childs work, not worth money.
No wonder CoderHire banned you… lel

This is basic, pretty much useless but maybe someone could use this, IMO if he’s not gonna use it, even if it’s basic, just post it so someone who doesn’t know Lua can use it :confused:

donate for ooc messages? Hhahahahahah what the FUCK

Don’t forget to get the premium DarkRP player package®™ for only 20$ for that sweet, sweet ability to use /rpname!

I only meant this to be for people who don’t know lua. You can’t expect every average person to go code themselves commands. When I said cheap I meant like $2-3. If you think this is basic, fair enough, I kinda agree but you must understand not everyone can do this.

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PERP gives you only 12 OOC. It keeps down chat spam and I thought that committed members to your server who donate won’t spam the chat. It makes sense if you think about it. I appreciate your honsesty about it sounding stupid.

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Coderhire banned me because I offered to fix someone’s script for them and they said I was “leaking” it even though both of us already owned it. That’s a completely different story. I appreciate your honesty. Yes I’m aware this is basic but it’s meant for people clueless about lua.

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It’s meant for people who don’t know lua. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use PERP to justify anything around here.

Everything useless without the 911 thing :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh just realised that there is already a command like that build in darkrp /cr. So youre script is useless.