Limited time to play = Not playable? (READ)

No matter how many hours I put into a base, because I work 5-6 days a week for like 6-7hours a day, that being late afternoon / evening time to start work, I always seem to get raided, no matter how decent I think it’s made or anything, so I’ve started liking the new rust apart from that aspect, people just destroy it.

Maybe its the way I build, cause I will admit I don’t know how to build a ‘secure secure’ base like in Legacy, does anyone know of any tutorials on secure bases that I can look at so I can take a look at its core features and design one around it? Need some help here :s

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

No base is unraidable, but some are more difficult than others.

You could go to a quieter server to play if you’re more time limited though. Chances are, more of the people will be friendly and you’ll be less targeted by raiders.

If you can’t play often what you will need to do is play on low population servers and or join a group that can cover you when you are offline. additionally on low pop servers picking well hidden locations is more effective than on large servers.

I play on a low population server and you could join my group (we maintain 2 small bases and 1 large base around the map). in general the people on the server are pretty helpful, even the ones that will raid you :).

The server name is “! Rusted Metal 2.0…” with some other random stuff after 2.0 that I forget

  1. Be careful not to play on an official server - because they have more hackers. You should be able to find a server close to you with at least 20 players. Modded - oxide servers are really nice - with teleport home and 4x resource gathering.

  2. Make a 2x2 or 3x3 wide base that is 3 floors tall. Use a block on one space only as a step up to the second floor - so keep one ceiling space open. Repeat this to get to the third floor. BUT - make the block/step only twig. Then place the FIRST cupboard up on the 3rd floor with your sleeping bag and chests. When you log off, break with an arrow or tool the blocks. No no one can get up to your 3rd floor (without cheating). You have an hard-to-raid base. Someone can link a youtube video on how to do this - but just try it.

  3. Try a smallish base 2x2. Put it out of the way - hard to find. Make is all wood and slowly upgrade it to highest armor.

I think that is about the best you can do - unless you try to build it up on a rock. You should be somewhat safe. You can also build a few 1x1 places to store some loot, so if your main base gets raided, you still have some items.


I’m actually in the process of making a video showing how to make a reasonably safe base using exactly this method with a few tips and tricks to making it more secure. It’s aimed at new players and people with limited time so that they can at least get something that won’t make them an easy target for people just looking for targets of opportunity.

Had a lot of fresh noobs on the server I admin and they’re having issues being raided because they don’t know what they’re doing, so I’m actually making this for their benefit more than anything. But I’ll upload it, make a thread on this forum and link it up here when I’m done.

Link it here if / when you do, I’d be curious to check it out, haven’t really had the time to experiment on base building yet.

Also, I’m not new to the game or anything, I enjoy higher pop servers for the PK you get whilst defending your base, I can upgrade to armored fast, without a real issue, I think it’s just the way I build it is what makes it easyish to raid, even with it being armored.

So the method you’re both explaining is to make a block to jump to get to the next level and so forth, make it twig so you can destroy it before you log off so there is no way up for others, right?

I’ve seen people making these hexagon / octagon type shape bases, is there a reason for that? Usually a smallish / medium hexagon / octagon shape and like 8 floors high :slight_smile:

Back in the Legacy days, I remember a discussion about the possibility of creating a niche server catering to the working crowd who could only manage a few hours a night of dedicated gaming. The server would be brought up every night a little beforehand but refuse connections until a certain time (arbitrary, say 8PM), then run for (again arbitrary) 4 hours, and after multiple broadcast warnings all players would get /kill’ed and /kick’ed at midnight. You can come up with any thematic rationale you feel fits, as long as it explains why players need to Cinderella back to base and store their gear before the clock strikes 12. Radioactive storms, acid raid, solar anomalies etc. etc. ideally you’d only kill the players who left a sleeper outside, but that’s too much work.

The idea would be to give short-span players a more even footing, increase online player interaction, and increase the likelihood that you’re able to defend your base when someone comes raiding. It doesn’t mean it would encourage a deathmatch mentality, you could spend your time like you normally would on a regular server. And rather than the 10% of players with unlimited time on their schedule spending all morning harvesting resources and BP’s while you’re at work and getting C4 by day 3, there will be a lot of neighbors on somewhat equal footing. To keep the game from feeling like it was dragging, there would have been a daily /kit with a smoke grenade to call a resource air drop.

I can see both ups and downs, and it would be frustrating to have a great battle get cut short because of an arbitrary timer. I’m wondering how many people with limited time would actually sign up for something like that on Experimental, assuming there was an admin who wanted the responsibility of maintaining it? Or would it flop due to lack of interest, and because people will end up not logging in consistently anyway?

I have not experienced any extra luck with hex bases in terms of defense. I’ve had decent luck with caves if you get the layout right, and you can use a similar trick with stacking twig blocks to build on top of high rocks so only rockets can get to you when you take out the twig tower and have your tool boxes down.

still on a high pop server you are going to want to try to join a group that can help maintain the base during your down time.

I’ve completed the video. Encoding it now as the Fraps video is enormous. I’ll upload it to YouTube and link it here when done.

And armour is good, but it means nothing to someone with C4 or rockets. If they want in, they’ll get in. The best you can do is build something where they can get in but will get nothing from their efforts.

A large group with a lot of C4 will be able to totally destroy your base and there’s nothing you can do about that. But people who are in it for the sake of raiding for materials will likely get into such a base and not get any further than the first floor. And you never keep anything of value on the ground level.

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Octagon bases look really cool. And they tend to be pretty spacious as well. As long as you use the same type of build philosophy as mentioned above, they’re relatively secure too.

But they take a LOT of materials, as most of the floor space is make up of triangle pieces. With the material costs required to upgrade to armor and stone so high, it takes a lot of time to get the materials required to build them. You’re looking at about 10k stone / level to upgrade to stone, 15 k if you go to armour.

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The video can

your base needs to be 4 story high,not 3 (reason being that you can throw c4 3 stories high so 4 is the sweetspot).3 story high will keep you safe from tool raiders though.

Octagon bases are a great tool, just keep in mind that more walls = more surface area to attack.

Your best solution is, as stated earlier, to find a gentler server. I find that servers with peak populations in the 20-40 range tend to give the best balance of peace and combat. It’s quiet enough that you can build a relatively secure base in a remote corner, but busy enough that you won’t get bored.

Be careful of changes to the C4 blast radius though. At the moment C4 thrown to the base of floor three will slightly damage floor four but not enough to destroy anything. In the previous patches it would have destroyed boxes & TCs on the fourth floor & it is possible that the blast radius will change again.

This. As stated, it allows you some peace and quiet to get yourself established and you still have plenty of targets available to hunt and raid once you’re set up. And you generally have a half decent chance at getting air drops and rad towns without being murdered by roving gangs to 10+ guys that dominate the server.

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Agreed. 3 is the bare minimum to get established. That’s what the point of my video was. It’s the starter base that you build right away to get yourself set up. Without C4, you’re relatively safe. It’s sort of expected from that point on that you’ll build higher and store your high value loot in those upper floors, along with secondary tool cupboards.

The higher you build, the safer your base will be. Ideally, you want 4+ storey, with a solid, enclosed roof covered with spike barricades, and you can build some armoured 1 x 1 cupboards outside your base to extend your build exclusion zone to make towering and raining C4 down on your base more difficult.

Not everyone has time to play for long periods of time but there are community servers tailored to people who can’t play for long periods of time. Any kind of option to tweak gameplay in a way that is beneficial to a player who can’t be on all the time, you’ll find a server that is good for you if you are willing to work.

I find that for people who don’t have a lot of time, Oxide servers with increased gather rates and large stack sizes tend to be a better option for very casual players. You really have a good opportunity to get established in a short time, and then you can get on with your business of finding people to raid.

When limtited time to play, I don’t even care to build a base… I find a hidden spot near some rad town put a sleeping bag and get gear for some pvp :wink: