Limiting abilities to enhance teamwork?

I like rust but I would like it to be more cooperative.

I wonder whether this could be achieved by allowing people only to learn a certain number of abilities, e.g. 10 abilities. You may learn more than that but would lose your oldest ability (or the one you choose?). There might be some kind of experience, allowing you to learn more (or more difficult) abilities. For hardcore gamers there could also be a rule /option that you lose one ability if you die.

What do you think?

This was suggested a few times in the suggestions sub-forum. I really like the idea. I like the idea of people having to seek out others to craft/trade things they can’t make themselves once they have “maxed out” their own learning capabilities. Not sure what others think though.

as for someone that enjoys playing solo and likes trying to gain stuff playing this solo… this is the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen. Your limiting the people that enjoy playing solo or with one person. I don’t want to “enhance” teamwork if i enjoy trying to make a base and stay alive solo.

This is just another attempt to shift power to the large groups of people who gang up on smaller groups. Dumb dumb dumb… Sorry I don’t normally be so un political or blatantly obvious but this is just a stupid idea.

Keeping it the way it is appeals to both groups and solo people. why take a demographic away?

To encourage non-violent player interaction? Though i can see your point too.

Yep, the concept is nice.

But its never ever possible to do something like this… cause there always will be players, loving to play solo ;)…

I am in no way a fan of big groups attacking single players.

Taking only the unemotional part of your comment, I should add that it was of course meant to be only an option. If people want to play solo, so be it. In the moment, however, the lack of need for cooperation has the effect that many players only see fun in attacking other players.

I agree.
Personaly I love playing with friends, enspecially when we’re walking aroung looting and just farming up. We tell jokes and make fun of small things. But at hearth I’m more of a solo/stealth type of person. I’m the guy you didn’t know was there until you were dead. If you manage to react before dying, I consider the kill attempt a faliure.

A lot of people will enjoy going out “hunting” solo, and others simply like being solo because they get more into the atmosphere that way. It all depends on the situation, and to be honest I think most players are solo. Why force them to interact with other players they don’t know or trust? This situation also makes it more dangerous not to play with friends aswell. There’s always going to be the “let’s meet up to trade, but in reality I’m gonna shoot you in the face and take what you were gonna trade me anyway” kind of players. See how this force you into the a situation where you’re betting on your luck of encounter?

It’s a nice idea, but i think it would do more damage than good.

WELLL since you put it that way… lets go play counter strike and before the match starts lets tell them to meet up mid so we can talk about our day and not kill each other because well since we always kill each other it’s no longer any fun… i think we should add another feature to counter strike because i don’t always enjoy killing people in counter strike…

… uhh seriously man? thats what this game is about… and it’s half the fear factor and fun to expect the unexpected. Why Force people to “cooperate” when this game is built and founded on surviving either in a group OR solo. if someone’s idea so survive is killing someone on site…(KOS) … then that’s the idea of the game… not inventing a idea to “trade” or set up scenarios that force people to trade , and kill or be killed… think first man… just think…

Artificially limiting abilities is a bad idea. Scarce and sufficiently scattered resources and abilities with long mastery times are sufficient to create a variety of players who are good at X but not Y without imposing limits.

Then if you really want to invest the time to become great at everything, you can, or you can try to find a shortcut by getting someone else to do something for you but you run the risk of interacting with an unknown element unless you have friends (although probably your friends will have had access to the same resources you do, especially if you live together, so they probably won’t be much help to you).

I’m not sure if skills and abilities really fit with the game, though. The idea to is to have as few artificial “game” elements as possible. It would only work if you didn’t have “trees” to pick from, and just got better naturally / gradually at the things you do most without having “levels.”

If you are not able to build everything you need, you of course have several choices to deal with it. You can trade or cooperate, yes. But it would also make hunting/raiding more fun as you might have to steal things you need and you cannot build.

IMHO… thats the most intelligent argument you’ve made now on this thread… why didn’t you start OFF with that as your argument rather then say “I like rust but I would like it to be more cooperative.”

The idea of raiding for things you can’t make is not a bad idea… well done rock…

Probably as it would not be the approach I would choose. But I have to admit that there are many different kinds to enjoy that game.

More importantly, it opens up BOTH options. Trading for what you can’t craft AND raiding for it. Win Win.