Limiting active Blueprints

This was mentioned in the Devblog as a possibility and I see some interesting pros and cons here. I like that this gives a sort of dynamic class system to the game. You could have 1 person that crafts a lot of armors, another that does weapons, numerous mixed up variations of that in between. There is some incentive here for co-operation.

On the other hand if the restriction is to restrictive it could excessively hinder solo-play.

On the whole I think the benefits to gameplay are greater than the losses, but I think there may be ways of addressing this issue for solo-players.

Alot remains unknown about this idea, what do you guys think?

I prefer playing a solo game most of the time, and i am not sure about the blueprint idea, limiting the number of blueprints per player is gonna cripple solo play, Teams will always have the upperhand but if you want to play solo as a lot of players do this will be a killer.

And not sure about being able to take knowledge to other servers is a good idea either player could just run a server give himself everything he needs then go to a populated server,

I love the idea of workshop integration servers having a choice of items and mods, but blueprints on the marketplace, it will take away gameplay and make it more about trading on steam, as a player you would need to patrol the market and the rich kids would rule. Items should be gained ingame via game play or interaction with players not through a internet marketplace.

Finite blueprints have not been elaborated upon - all speculation at the moment as to what exactly Garry and his team are thinking about concerning that particular concept.

Personally, I read it as only a limited amount of blueprints will spawn on any one server, which means this might be an incentive to visit multiple servers instead of always staying on just one. Of course, Garry mentioned that they are just now exploring the possibilities with blueprints, so there is no telling which route they might go down at this point in time.

Sure it could possible limit solo players but it could encourage trading.

is this similar to what we saw in pokémon red?

“matteogeniacc wants to learn P250 but matteogeniacc already knows 4 guns. Should a gun be forgotten to make space for P250?”

Trading blueprints was always possible if you trade away the ones you already knew (at least on the server you were already on). Or you could craft kevlar pants and let someone else research it like in legacy. But limiting the number of blueprints you can know is kinda dumb…so if like in pokemon you just forget a blueprint when you want to learn a new one there will be a point in character development where you can only craft highend technology. But you can not make leather pants for the guy in your valley that is nice to talk to.

What if the number of blue prints you can know at any given time was related to your characters lenght of time survived! I know this system would not let you carry BP’s from server to server but thats a stupid idea anyway lol. This would make those who have lived longest the wise ones amoung us as it should be

unfortunately also supports teams over solos. have a player who is the “blueprint guy” who stays in the house building gear all day, and have expendables who go out and get the resources/shoot guys.

personally i don’t mind the idea of limiting blueprints, as long as its a reasonable amount. also we need to remember that building components will probably not be something we have to learn anymore, so it’s just ~4x guns, ~4x ammo, ~4x tools, ~4x types of armour(so 16) and medkits. most people will learn 2 guns, 2 ammo, full set of the most appropriate armour, and medkits, so thats only needing about 8-10 slots.

The only way I would be cool with this is if the only way to access the blueprints market was from a computer you salvaged and using a generator you crafted. Having to get all the different computer parts (cpu, ram etc) and having them hard to find - maybe some could be looted off the robot NPC’s that have been talked about. I would absolutely love this. Also once it’s up and running, you can join an ad-hoc network set up that can only reach huts in line of sight. Bonus points if you have to craft a cantenna as well.

It would be awesome after spending a few weeks getting all the parts, if you managed to get onto a mesh net in the wilderness…and talk to that bastard who keeps shooting at you.

I guess I would also only be cool with it if this setup didn’t include real money, and you would need to get materials in game to trade.

Not sure if that would work either i don’t like the idea of shit just turning up in your inv I.E you just buy it via computer in rust or out via Rbay (rusts ebay) then it appears in you bag, it’s losing the immersion, item would have to be delivered via RustDrones (like google/amazon delivery drones) or pickup up from a pick up point (rusty kiosk)

To me thats not survival it’s glamping with room service.

There might be a way of implementing this and it working both for gameplay and balance but it evades me

Im fine with in game trading on one server but against any external market place of any kind. To me there shod be a finite number of possible blue prints, if we introduce items or blue prints from outside the servers world it throws the economy out. Like simply printing more money devalues a dollar.

But that’s not what I suggested. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be able to download blueprints.

If you were to set up trading resources, it would basically be like craigslist where you have to go meet the person.

Im very against cross server markets, especially with how heavily many servers manipulate items and drop rights to get a unique feel for their particular server. This is a horrible idea.

However I maintain that the blueprint limit could be balance somewhat to not over hinder solo play so long as the limit is high enough and the player has options in which prints he “forgets” when learning a new one. Solo would still be at a disadvantage from this system but the overall benefits to gameplay would arguably outway this inconvenience.