Limiting Admins power.

I recently paid for a server and I have 2 friends moderating the server all though I don’t trust them and I believe when I log off they will spawn in some gear any ideas on how to limit their powers?

If you have a modded server, there might be. If you’re running vanilla then no.

Theres a pretty simple solution, don’t make anyone you don’t trust a moderator.

Run a client (like Rusty or RustAdmin) and monitor the rcon feed. If they give themselves stuff, you’ll see it in the log. It won’t prevent them, but at least you’ll know.

you only have to check the server logs to see what they are spawning.

have to agree with haha, if you don’t trust them, they shouldn’t be admins/moderators.

This basically allows for fake admin rights. You can give users access and it will monitor chat, allowing them to run commands on the server by using chat commands.

Only drawback is that it needs to be running 24/7 to work.