Limiting Air Drop by Population

Hey everyone. I cant seem to find anything about this. I want to be able to regulate air drops depending on the population amount of the server. Example: there are 3 people in a server so the air drops become less frequent: more people means the air dropss accrue more frequently.

Does anyone have any information on how to do this.

I am looking for this information as well - only I want the airdrops to occur when there are 50+ on the server.

I don’t think it’s all possible like that. But, you can make it so the airdrops drop once the set amount of players is online: airdrop.min_players “amount”

airdrop.min_players “50” Should fix your issue.

As far as I remember, 50 is the default, so follow mcrippins command, you can insert whatever numbers you’d like, I tested mine with 10, and it worked.

There are servers that limit airdrops to once every 2 hours(rust days) instead of once per rust day, so I know the capability to change the frequency exists.

And the ability to limit based on user connection exists… So logically you should be able to use the two in tandem.

Already being implemented for official Rust build, including dynamic resource spawning.

Some simple equations based on current population that increases drop frequency/decreases time between drops.

this only works if there is such thing as a timer for the airdrop I don’t know for sure I have worked with mods on Rust Yet.
airdrop.timer=1200-60(server.population / airdrop.min_players)
Example: Server pop is 20. It takes 5 people to decrease the time between drops
airdrop.timer=1200-60(20 / 5) airdrop.timer=1200-60(4) airdrop.timer=1200-240 airdrop.timer=960
Since there are 20 people online, the time between drops changes from 20 minutes to 16.
This means instead of 3 drops a day it is now 3.75 (which means it is very likely for a 4th drop to occur before the next day)

Thanks everyone. This was helpful