limiting weapon pickups (1 primary, 1 secondary)

i renamed all of my sweps that i use in my server to css’s sweps to make them spawnable my the map and not missing
anyways if u care heres the code how i renamed them

AddCSLuaFile( "weapon_placer.lua" )

_G.weapons_OnLoaded = _G.weapons_OnLoaded or weapons.OnLoaded

function weapons.OnLoaded(...)
	local overrides =
		weapon_deagle= "tfa_csgo_deagle",
		weapon_hegrenade= "tfa_csgo_frag",
		weapon_flashbang= "tfa_csgo_flash",
		weapon_smokegrenade= "tfa_csgo_smoke",
		weapon_scout= "tfa_csgo_ssg08",
		weapon_awp= "tfa_csgo_awp",
		weapon_g3sg1= "tfa_csgo_g3sg1",
		weapon_sg550= "tfa_csgo_scar20",
		weapon_elite= "tfa_csgo_elite",
		weapon_mp5navy= "tfa_csgo_mp5",
		weapon_galil= "tfa_csgo_galil",
		weapon_ak47= "tfa_csgo_ak47",
		weapon_m4a1= "tfa_csgo_m4a1",
		weapon_tmp= "tfa_csgo_mp9",
		weapon_p90= "tfa_csgo_p90",
		weapon_m249= "tfa_csgo_m249",
		weapon_p228= "tfa_csgo_p250",
		weapon_m3= "tfa_csgo_nova",
		weapon_xm1014= "tfa_csgo_xm1014",
		weapon_famas= "tfa_csgo_famas",
		weapon_aug= "tfa_csgo_aug",
		weapon_usp= "tfa_csgo_usp",
		weapon_sg552= "tfa_csgo_sg556",
		weapon_mac10= "tfa_csgo_mac10",
		weapon_glock= "tfa_csgo_glock18",
		weapon_fiveseven= "tfa_csgo_fiveseven",
		weapon_knife= "csgo_default_golden",

	for old, new in pairs(overrides) do
		local newt = weapons.GetStored(new)
		local oldt = table.Copy(newt)

		if SERVER then
			print("Fixed - Replacing "..old.." with "

		oldt.AutoSpawnable = true,
		weapons.Register(oldt, old)

		newt.AutoSpawnable = false,
		weapons.Register(newt, new)
	return _G.weapons_OnLoaded(...)


the code is working better than great, but it broke something else for me that i have no idea on how to fix it, i tried to fix it by my self and guess what?.. :hammered:

so one of the most important things on my server is to limit the primary and secondary weapons to 1 each category including the knives and grenades so heres the code i was using to limit them (which was working perfect)

i lost the code cuze i wasnt using it anymore :(, anyways i tried to use all the codes/addons u can find online and none of them was working for me cuze i get somekinda conflict with the renamed sweps. it couldnt find the name of the swep(i have no clue why, i tried to use the old name with the new or just the old or new names) but it didint work


You have to make your own weapon menu(wich pops up when pressing 1-9), and check for the categories etc.

you know anykind of menu i can use to start with?

ehhh as far as I know, theres no “public” menu here.

thanks. whats the point of Sir TE5T? he makes everything as dump all the time

Sir Te5t? I dont know what/who you mean.

he was puting dumb ratings in all of his posts

You don’t have to do that,
to accomplish the same thing i made tables with weapon class names
i defined 1 table has primary and another as secondary.
Before picking up a weapon i would check the type of weapon im picking up along with the weapons that I currently have. If I had a weapon that was in the same table, i would return false in the weapon pickup function.

Like dannyf127 said you can check PlayerCanPickupWeapon if a player already has a primary or secondary weapon.
You can work with this function:

If you want I or maybe someone else can post a example.

i know, i already tried to do it but it wont work cuze i renamed my sweps. it wont find the swep for some reason

i will try to rip the code from a jailbreak gamemode or something like that