Lineage 2 Revolution Models, need help with obtaining

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I’ve ported some models from this game, texture quality is kinda low, but i like the design.[/t][t][/t]

First release includes :
dwarf_default.mdl - dwarf in default outfit
imperial_crusader_2 to _6 - different tiers of imperial crusader armor set
domnius_3 to _6 - different tiers of domnius armor set
capes/dwarf_fortress.mdl - a cape
SFM Workshop link to rig script:

Originally posted 22 of december 2016

Hey guys, just wondering is someone has accsess to this “new” mobile game. Just wanted to grab models from there, thought it would be kinda easy- UE4 and all that.
BUT, i can’t even download the game, due to it being forbidden for anyone, outside Korea.
So, if anyone has game’s cache or even models of player characters, please, share 'em for porting purposes. Those dwarves are kinda cute)

I’ve managed to get the .pak file with wanted content (presumably). Could anyone direct me on tools which would help me to open it to extract models? This one didn’t worked on this file. Downloading UE4 atm

I’ve released some models on workshop, i’m changing thread subject.
To moderators: please change title and sticker to Release : Lineage 2 Revolution Models

Update: added Nightmare armor sets[/T]

The fact that you got no help on here came back and released anyway is awesome in and of itself. These armor sets are really nice although I see what you mean with the textures. That warhammer is so epic as well too bad this isnt a gmod port. That being said I’ve been trying to port from a game no one else seems to port as well. May I ask where you went to learn how to do it?

I used this tutorial by Fredrika

I’ve learned a lot by myself, but there was enough of kind people who helped me with advices.
Warhammer is part of my Lords of the Fallen ports and you can find it here:

If you want, you can download it, decompile it and port to Gmod, it would be easier for you to learn then. But those models use colored specular method, which is not that tricky, but first you gotta figure out how to port just regular models. Anyway, this tutorial covers on how to port to GMod, but i’m too lazy to go through all those collision stuff and etc.

What game you trying to port from?

Added Dark Crystal and Avadon armor sets. Avadon tier 6 gave me a lot of headache tbh.[/T][T][/T]


If thats the Avadon set on the right I really like that it reminds me of the Armadyl set from RS.

The game I’ve been trying to port models from is the Assassin’s Creed series specifically II-Revelations. With Crazy Knife’s prop & terrain pack and the new update to it I can start making Italian Renaissance styled works. So from the game I want the citizens. I feel those are the people that brought the games to life. the poor the middle class the aristocrats the church clergy just people from the time period and they would be perfect since that was the middle of the renaissance. As fate would have it, its a difficult game to port from. not to mention i’m new to the subject anyway

Well, hardest thing is always getting raw assets in most finished form, with skeleton and rig preserved, after that it’s just a matter of converting and compiling. I heard you need to use Archive_neXt for most of ubi games, but newer tried on last gen games.
Hard things for me are correct material set up and normal map corrections. Plus renaming all bones to valve biped standards to make it work with default rig scripts.
Anyway, the most hard thing for me is implementing face flexes, maybe when I will try to rig model from scratch, that one will become second or third hardest thing)

There’s something about the faces that looks creepy to me. I don’t know, I guess they are too doll-like.

That’s what happens when you combine amine-aesthetic and stylization with an attempt to implement realistic materials))

I think it’s a combination of the way the faces are sculpted, the materials and the shading.

No further releases until i finish all parts of Dwarf content, but here’s some updates:
With method suggested by darkscarf i’ve smoothed and upscaled normal maps, to make em less jaggedy.
Example shown on Nightmare armor
Before:[/t], After: [t][/t]

Also i ported Divine armor set:
[T][/T] [T]

Ported Mithril, Majestic and Legios sets
4 sets left[/T]