Link 2 servers together

How do you link to servers together?

Like that when you go through a door you get to another server, or that when you give the server a command, you will be transferred to another server… How does this work? What addon is needed for this?

Are you absolutely sure this is possible? I don’t think it is.

GMod Tower did it.

I would think to do it, you would need to make sure that when they went through the door it did RunConsoleCommand( “connect”, “Your IP” )


Basically you create a small entity, some glowing ball would be fine.
If you’re an idiot like I and want something flashy but lazy I’d probably spawn a doorway prop and add a lightsphere in the middle. Looks fine that way.

Then use the ent:OnTouch() function for the light sphere. Have it execute a concommand you sent to the client, you could edit it into the LightSphere entity’s shared.lua
Something like:

concommand.Add(“ServerCon”,function(ply, cmd, args) if client then RunConsoleCommand([[connect]], [[]]) endend);As for the ontouch part I cba, but in all fairness you should be able to do the rest with the basic of lua knowledge.


By lightsphere I meant:
A handy way to make things like this look pretty without messing around to much.

Hmm… Thank you guys… Working on a script now!

I thought connect was blocked?

I think it is from concommand, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work from runconsole. I’ve not tried, but I’m aware of people using it in other gamemodes.

Worst case scenario is it is blocked and you have to use SourceMod to use there system then run a consolecommand to trigger a sourcemod function to make clients connect :s

I use gui.OpenURL(“steam://connect/theserverip:port”)