Link a Gamemode to PHPBB or VBulletin

In theory, is it possible to link a gamemode that uses SQL to create user accounts to a VBulletin/PHPBB forum account? Maybe via SteamID or something.

And how would it work? I think TnB did this or does this, not sure.

Thanks in advance!

Not a clue on how to do it, but it would be a pretty awesome idea. Would definitely help out the RP clans out there. Most people don’t visit clan forums due to the need of signing up. With this way you could say, setup an account before spawning in-game.

Can Gmod store SQL data to any location on the web, or only to the server’s directory? If it only stores on the server’s machine, you’d have to run the server and the site from the same box.

You can use mysql to link em together.

So if you use VBulletin like I do, you can just make them store the data in the user table, you just need to make sure it have all the right values. (it sounds right?)