Link between map and server

Hi, here is my questions:
-Is it possible to make a button which grant or deny a player with a certain team to open a door on a specific server
-Same but with triggers
-Is it possible to compile the map without the entities and if the server has the right file then the map has the entities (like rp_sectorc_beta if you know it)

Thanks for answers :smiley:

Edit: Oh and also, if its possible to make a specific sound when the player press a button or if i’m obligated to put a ambient_generic

i think there is something like that for counter strike or team fortress maps but as for normal hl2/gmod i cant say

You would need a custom plugin to do all that stuff.
Essentially the map would need to have custom entities put into it and the plugin would handle how they work, otherwise clients using the map without the plugin wouldn’t get any effects from the entities as they would be undefined.

Is there a tutorial to make custom entities ?

Could you set up a relay that sets up the logic you want, and do an ent_fire command from the server console to trigger that relay?