Link Chillin With His Pet

Before in-game editing: [img_thumb][/IMG_Thumb]
Not much, I know, I just wanted to play with lighting because I had never done that sort of thing before.


I didn’t pose link as well in these pics :X

On another note, I wish I had a pig that large :frowning:

Probably would be better to use a TF2 map, as it would fit the character style better.

Like that TF2 map based off of Outset Island, that’d work perfectly.

Last time I tried that map I got a ton of floating grass, I’ll check right now and see what happens


Any way to disable the grass?


Ok nevermind I got it working, it just loaded the HL2 foliage which was the problem.

Updatin op

Also FluxMage, finish the Wind Waker pack