Link Constrainted objects moving at different speeds?

I was using 3DS Max 2010 to animate an AK47, until I ran into a problem.

3 Objects in my scene have Link Constraints to the body of the AK47 (lower receiver); Right hand, Left hand, and the Magazine.

At frame 31, I link the right hand to world and the magazine to the right hand in order to make the right hand grab the magazine. At frame 32 I tried to move the right hand, with the magazine following but at a slower rate than the hand was.

So even though the original position had the hand around the mag, when I moved the hand, it was moved faster than the magazine, which was clipping through the hand because it was slow.

I’ve tried linking the magazine to world and the right hand to the magazine and tried moving the mag. The same problem occurred but now the mag was faster than the hand which was slower.

I am confused and I have no idea why this would happen. If it’s possible, I would like the two objects to move at the same rate so the positioning isn’t stuffed up. Any help at all would be very much appreciated. If anyone wants screenshots I would be more than happy to supply them to you if you can help me.

Are you using bones? Or are you just linking objects together?

Well, one of the objects (hand, more specifically the wrist) has a bone, but the magazine does not. I am trying to use link constraint to get these two to move together.