Link does not like the traders [GMOD]

Link does not like the traders
Hi, this is my second video in gmod!
Please leave here or in the video, your opinion (Only if you have already made ​​a video of gmod)
Thanks and bye ;3

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shoopdawoop in the thumbnail

Really should have used the Brawl Link model. The old TP one is kinda shit looking now.


Oh ok, I liked it that way.
Thanks for your “review”.

we hate memes fyi

I don’t even, i guess it’s kind of amusing. Not the best Gmod vid that i’ve seen though.

Throw a rock in my face!

Oh thanks.

“Waiting a constructive critic”

well for one the random spazzy stuff isn’t funny anymore, neither is the overexaggerated faceposing

the camera shake around the ten second mark was weird, the dubstep/disco light/camera shake/ragdoll spazzing combination at 0:40 was pointless

it drags on and on, you could have made it shorter by cutting some of the transition scenes (which mostly consist of Heavy spazzing around and yelling (with the same voice clip none the less) anyway)

Now it’s something decent, warlord.
But I will ignore
Thanks ^^

I don’t think ignoring criticism is a good idea. Nevertheless it’s ok but it’s not very very funny.

who the fuck do you think you are

this is what happens when you learn English from Modern Warfare 3


And you, who do you think is

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This video is kind of tricky to do
Get a good time doing it, and a lot of fat talking shit.
Yes I not speak English.
Stop if you feel rebels


i’ve felt a lot of rebels, should i stop now or what?

english motherfucker do you speak it

wait, how did you made this

I bet no one is here for the watch video
I think you have never made a video of gmod
I expected a united community and with an open mind. I was disappointed about that
I only see haters children

Then what the fuck were you expecting? A belly rub?

We told you what we didn’t like about it and now your pissed, seriously?

And about the video of Gmod video, it doesn’t take a chef to say a dish is crap.

So if you don’t expect people to not like your video (which will happen) then why did you post it in the first place?

Oh and one more thing, I’d rather see a boring Garry’s Mod video than a shitty one full of random memes.

1 meme.
And I did not even know this shit was meme
It’s a video of random GMOD.
Apparently you must have gmod video, send it to me
I guess none of you have made a video of GMOD

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Of course you need to understand GMOD
This does not need logic, it is random
Will study on the subject