Link Fighting

Yeah, kind of a weird choice to make link fight a russian quarentine guy, but I like the way it turned out in the end. C&C :slight_smile:

Link looks very stiff as if he was being suspended by wires and the guy in the gas mask looks like he’s just casually shooting a gun in the air to start a race or something.

…is that a clothify texture filter that I spy?

Posing is decent at best, although very stiff. You obviously have the capability to edit so you should have had some motion blur on link. Blood needs a bit of work on it too. Also, a little logical error, if the bullet was no more than 5 feet away from the gun, there would probably be a muzzle flash, and if not there wouldn’t already be smoke wisping up out of the barrel.

Haha yeah, you do spy canvas filter in there wanted it to look more like a painting. Muzzle flash would be pretty easy to edit in quickly I was just thinking the gases travel as fast as the bullet since its propelling it so if bullets 5 feet away so would the flames (for muzzle flash it wouldn’t exist anymore) and its only a tiny bit of smoke just starting to come out, at best the flash would be dissipating

Well link is swinging a sword about to land I wouldnt want him to be to relaxed now would I? Guy in the mask IS supposed to be casually firing the gun since he got off a decent shot while link was a good ways off.

Everyone said it, they are kinda stiff, and they quarantine guy really doesnt give a fuck about link charging againts him lol, he is not even looking at him!
But i like the smoke effect on the gun, and the grain. :stuck_out_tongue:

like what exactly do yall mean by stiff? I know link is stiff he’s been shot at and about to swing a sword but to me the quarenteen guy is relaxed looking

edit by the way he is defiently looking at link but I guess I could took it from a better angle to show it : / mb on that one
edit again Well I’m in game to try to fix this “Stiff” stuff you guys keep saying that I dont see cept maybe on the russians chest and well yeah aparently I some how fucked up the way he was looking at link I defiently remember setting it up, but aparently I’m dumb : /

I still would like an answer to this stiff problem I just dont see it on link other than what I want to be stiff and tense on him

What they mean by stiff is that there is no real visible velocity in how link is stanced, also, to better fix the soldier, having him hold the gun with both hands would not be a bad thing. One, it makes it look a bit more plausible with the type of gun he is using, Two, he is part of the Russian army correct? he would have been trained to stand with his feet planted firmly onto the ground.


Just like the guy above me said, you need to give them a movement effect if they are moving and if they are just standing try adding something to them, so they don’t look bad.

yeah try to get the link model to raise his hands like that it wont happen trust me I wanted that sword above his head but the link model dont agree with it. But how do you know hes not on the down swing on mine anyways :stuck_out_tongue: I changed up both of their stances give me a moment and see what ya think.


OK! Since both these models are extreamly stubburn when it comes to putting hands together (link only raised above chest) here was my only other option tell me which poses you like better.

Yes, before I edit this one if I do, I plan to get rid of the bloom rape on the russians mask
believe me or not lol those 2 swords ARE different models didnt notice till i posted the ss about the hilt being the same (Russians blade is curved tho)

Link is no longer on the offensive! he is now supposed to be scared during editing I will be adding motion blur thx to v-mans openion and it makeing sense i still dont think i need a muzzle flash tho if the bullet is past link.

Ohhh eww I’m going to have to edit out that damn tank I blew up before this too dammit