Link fights through a Dungeon

I’m on a roll with these Link screenshots. :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to try something a little more action-y this time, with some dynamic posing.

Lots of ragdolls. Good effort.

Cool but the blood on the sword look out of place.

Thanks. I tried this originally on another map and ended up trying to add much, much more models. Then Gmod crashed due to my computer overheating, so I had to re-do the entire scene again. :stuck_out_tongue:

left skeleton posing bit weird

The skeleton on left is trying sleep, please, don’t wake him up.

Either it´s trying to sleep or it´s a zombie skeleton.

That skeleton on the left actually comes just like that, it’s not so much a ragdol as it is a statue, lol. It’s kinda of a zombie-like pose, though, so it works…

Pose is good, but I can’t stand the SDoF.