Link Forums to game?

Hey guys,
I run evolve admin mod on my server and you get ranks such as owner,super admin,vip… and so on, I was wondering is it possable if people register on my forums, when they join my server they get the rank ‘Registered’ I use SMF fourms,


  • Dan

you should use external sql binaries like and check on player connect if he is registered in your forum then give him registered rank, but i think it would be quite hard to do.

Yeah, i’m sure it can be done though?

As long as you have external access to your forum’s SQL database then yes. <-- Potentially stupid comment. I am clueless abouy MySQL.

Haha yeah, I do, do you think anyone would help me with this?

Well we’re not going to do it for you. Just look up the sql structure of SMF, then query the right value in game.

Ok thanks for your help guys.