Link from Zelda

I made a few screenshots. Here is one. I came back here to redeem myself. This only one of the few.

Dude, I just posted a Link shot on this exact map in this exact room not that long ago, are you trying to copy?

Dose that look anything like yours Ryu?
I think not, besides yours was totally different and all that jazz…

look here:

Yes, it’s a different pose, I’m just wondering if he’s getting inspiration from me or something…

There are no fucking similarities in your pictures other than the map, what the hell are you talking about?

Don’t be silly Ryu-Gi. So now that you have posed Link on that map, no one can do it again without copying you? You realize that is pretty daft. With that mindset we would soon be running out of maps wouldn’t we?

Nice lightening. May i ask what map this is?

No guys he is right! And all the people doing WWII poses are copying each other! its a conspiracy! :byodood:


Needs another angle and the blood its too solid.

But let’s not mess up the thread with this. I am sure that is not why he made the pic.

The camera angle is pretty boring and it needs anti-aliasing.

Also, whats with all the random blur?

omg i poesd counter stirke ppl on de_dust onec you are totaly copeying me.

[sp]Who would take inspiration from someone who draws and fantasizes about elf rape?[/sp]

Anyway, pic is decent. The blurring looks a bit iffy to me, and a better angle could’ve been chosen, but it’s pretty solid.

quick hide before Benji comes



Ryu deserves a custom title for how famous that’s gotten him.

It was just a question, lol, I was just wondering if he got inspiration from me.

Oh, in case anyone’s wondering, the map is “dm_gothic_utclassic_v7b”.

No I haven’t even been on here o.o wtf?
I haven’t even looked thru the pictures.


Oh and I’m a chick. I’m done with this site… Seriously.

Just over this small matter? Wow, you gotta be kidding me. Oh god. No one cares if you are a girl or not anyway.

Are you really going to let your self be run out of this site by some kid who is to full of him self? Believe me. Such behavior is not representative for everyone else here.

I say :tiphat: to Favepunch and don’t mind him.

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Oh hey nice pose there dude.

Its an ok pose, nice lighting. Redeads are scary as hell(and still are).

May I ask for a DL link for the map?

It’s here: