Link in Garry's Mod?

So, I’ve been searching through the sands in the desert of the internet, looking for something. In my search, I’ve found quite a few related (albiet awesome) things:

  • Princess Zelda player model and NPC
  • Legend of Zelda enemy and boss ragdolls.
  • Hylian Shield, and other weapons as props
  • Master Sword SWEP imitating the Crowbar
  • Ragdoll of Link’s wolf form
  • Several maps from the Legend of Zelda world, including Lon Lon Ranch, Clock town, etc.
  • Finally, the focus of my post, the fact that there is a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ragdoll of Link, as well as one of Link from Super Smash Bros. Brawl…

But there’s no player model of Link! D:

Now, as a devout Garry’s mod player, as well as a fan of the entire Legend of Zelda series, I feel it is my duty to request that a Player model of Link from Twilight Princess, Adult Link from Ocarina of Time, or other such versions of the Master Sword-wielding Hero of everything from the smallest town of Clocks, to Time itself. pl0x.

Oh yeah. And if they haven’t already been made, the Fairy Bow, Longshot, and other excellent weapons from the series being scripted into the game would be wonderful. As I am a pro at -using- these features of the game, and a complete noob to -creating- them, a lack of possibility for this will not dismay me at all.

Gogo Facepunch Community Powers of Super Coding!

First of all, always post a reference picture in your requests, even if everyon already knows what you’re talking about. Failiure to do so usaully ends up with being banned.

That being said, I’d love to see this, too, but Instead of the TP one I’d rather see the newer Brawl model turned into the Player Model instead, as it’s much higher quality.

Wrong place to ask for coding ^^ But yes A Link player model would be nice :smiley: (I did try rigging the Twilight Princess one but stopped because I was just starting out and was sure i’d botch it up).

Should have continued. :stuck_out_tongue:
Then someone would have atleast something to start with and/or improve on. D:

Tried renaming all the bones in the Link model (the new one) to the Valve Biped ones, as it works for finger posing, but apparently doesn’t work for the rest of the body :frowning: (I thought it would aswell because hes got about the right dimentions, however this means he should be easier to rig to an actual Valve Biped).

Edit: Realised i’d just named the anims wrong, but now it just instantly crashes when I click to spawn it :S

I’m porting some props from the twilight princess model pack. Yesterday I did the ordon shield and a twilight princess-ish reskin of the biggoron sword. You may be interested in it…
Also, someone should rig farmer link.

awesome when your done please send me link :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks i have been waiting for someone to port