Link is Badass (Link holding two machine guns in the air)

A pic i made in like 10 mins i think even less. i was bored
if you like thats kool

I take dumps in 1/10th of the time you took to make this. Jks, its alright, though yada yada contrust and yada yada should take more then 10 minutes. Though for 10 minutes the posing is surprisingly good

I usually just take 10 mins to open Gmod…
Nice 10 mins posing :v:

And dont use CS:S weapons please… they look ugly.

I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been thinking about discussing my machinima idea on facepunch but I am afriad someone will try to steal it.
Do you all think I should?

But to start I need a certain model made to do it.
the thread is here :

You gonna be waiting for a while… a GOOD while lol
About the video, I sincerely dont know, maybe you should only discuss it with the people involved in the machinima :v: But I hope you make a good one… Since Vae Victis I havent seen any good one.

See that’s just it. I don’t have any one for the machinima yet. I need voice actors.
and someone to help me make up more characters.
but i can’t find anyone yet whom has a microphone and is good at voice acting

Well I got a deepish voice is you need someone like that. I do have a mic though its for singers, I can probaly hook it up to my computer. I’ve wanted to do vidoes, What’s the story plot?

Hehe, Im latin-american so my english sounds funny(I guess) ;p I also got a mic, so if you require a loud deep voice I might be available to help ^^

ahem I beleive we have someone who filled in that spot…

i could use many people as i can get
but i need to make more characters
and i dont know if ill be as good as Vae Victis but ill try


anyone whom would like to know the story private message me

1/10 For bad face posing, using default counter strike gun models and the worst of all, using gm_construct for it. Try harder.

Did you not read my quote under the pics.

Is there something you tried to explain? I mean… it’s my opinion, so if I don’t like it I can tell you. :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but no amount of weapons can make Link less gay than he already is:P

Link is never badass… ever.

At the end of OOT, Link slashes Ganon across the face, sending showers of blood everywhere.

In Wind Waker, he Stabs Ganon IN THE FACE.

See Ryu-Gi knows
high five for Ryu-Gi
I’m making new photo’s of Link for those of you who care.
the next one’s will have more time and effort


that was funny i have to admit

Sorry, but I don’t see anything badass about this picture. Plus it’s on construct, has no sign of any type of anti-aliasing, and used CS:S world models.