Link meets with Zelda(+bonus)

Felt like making a romance piece. The environment inspired me to do so. Yeah, they’re standing right in the river, and what the heck, I felt like it worked, as if they both crossed from opposite banks and met in the middle.

Also Bonus!

Dr. Gregory had been working on Giovanni’s Ultimate Weapon project because he saw a certain potential that his fellow scientists dismissed: that it’s Phsycic abilities could possibly tell him a question he’d been pondering all his life, the reason he went into this field in the first place. The ultimate question, one that mankind had wondered as he looked to the skies for centuries. In this age of Technology, surely the advancements of man would eventually lead them closer to the answer.

When the creature was complete, something unexpected occurred. They lost control of it. Something in its memory, perhaps trace thoughts from its growth stages, triggered a violent reaction within it. It rampaged through the lab, destroying everything in its path.

Dr. Gregory stumbled through the facility as fast as he could to escape this…monster…that they had unleashed upon the world. A Broken Leg, however, saw fit to hinder his escape. As he fell, he looked above him with terror to see that the clone they had created was upon him, ready to toss him aside like it had to his colleagues.

“Wait! W-wait, please! I need to ask you something! Please, if you are going to kill me then at least give me an answer!”

It cocked its head to the side, almost as if it were puzzled.

“The question that has plagued mankind for centuries…surely you, the ultimate being, can answer it…”

<Go on.> The voice of the beast echoed in his head.

His whole body quaking, he managed to bring himself to say the words…

“Is there a God?”

<There is one…now.>

And then there was a brilliant blaze of light…

Should have kept an Ultra Ball Dr. Greg…

Awesome lesbi- Hey wait…

Okay pictures I guess. Mewtwo doesn’t fit in though, too cartoony in comparison to Kleiner.

It’d be nice if we had the model from Melee, that one had nicer texturing. This one…is just flat colors.

Its sad that link always got the short end of the stick with that bitch. Good posing on the first picture.

Screw that! I kept my Master Ball specifically for Mewtwo in the original!

I kinda agree with you, Link should have at least been kissed by now.

So he has never got lucky with her? even tho he SAVES her all the time? Fuck man…
He needs to get some advices from James Bond, or all the other 95% of the action heroes.

About the Pic, its nice, but I agree with Wolfe, Mewtwo stands out too much.

In Link’s defense, almost every game taks place in a new era, with a new Link and Zelda, so they’re meeting for the first time pretty much every single time he saves her.

They kissed(or had sex) in Zelda 2’s Ending.

I like it, and the second pic, wait until Brawl Mewtwo gets ported, it looks alot like the movie mewtwo

No, Brawl’s Mewtwo Trophy looks like this. Melee mewtwo looks much better.

Well majoras mask didn’t even have zelda in it, but it was the same link from ocarina of time. He at least got a kiss for helping the girl at the ranch though.

-Almost every Zelda game. And he got hugged, not kissed. Although his face was right in her chest…

Because they were siblings. They often wincested.

I was referring to when he got hugged by Cerima. And Link and Zelda are not siblings. This has never been true.

Link’s only sibling is Aryl in the Wind Waker continuity


And the colors make my head hurt. Other than that it’s ok, not my kind of picture but y’know.

Sorry, I just really like brilliant, intense colors. The desaturated coloration of most Valve games makes me cringe sometimes. Thank goodness for the Post-Processing tab.