Link Player Model

There have never ever been ANY Link player models… And I really… Really… Want one. >_<

Here’s a link to the actual model:

Here’s the workshop link of the same model if that’s better:

It just isn’t a player model and I have zero knowledge on how to make it a player model.

If you could upload it to the steam workshop when you’re done, I would be eternally grateful.[/t]

It seems whoever made this model put everything on the Valve biped, but mismatched all the bones.

So is it possible to turn it into a player model?

You can turn everything into a ragdoll. Whether or not it will work is the question. According to code_gs the bones are valvebiped, but their names are wrong. Just a matter of renaming them.

honestly, i think its on the valve biped but doesnt the animations installed to the .qc, causing the model to t-pose (i didnt look at the mesh, so dont quote me on this)

also, the model is already a ragdoll, you guys are talking about turning it into a player model

I can probably make him a playermodel. Would you like the one you showed or skyward swords?

I put in the correct animations; I put the SMD’s in Blender and found the issue.

I really like the SSBB one. But any is fine. There are just zero Link playermodels anywhere(which makes no sense) and I really want one on the workshop so I can use it on the TTT server I play on.

If you did, I’d be eternally grateful. o3o


If there’s any update to the status of it, that would be great. Sorry If I sound impatient, I’m just really hopeful that I will eventually have a Link skin. >_<

Was anyone ever able to get it working? It’s been 3 weeks so I wasn’t sure if it was just abandoned or if it just takes ages. >_<

I haven’t abandoned it, I have a functioning link Player Model but his eyes are white atm, and my usual fixes for that aren’t working yet but I’ll post a picture when I can, probably tommorow. It’s just that I have like 6 player models in my queue atm so I get sidetracked. xD

Okay, I had some free time today and worked on his weightmap, and this is what he looks like atm (keep in mind it’s a Work In Progress)

His eyes are still white, haven’t fixed that yet. And his hands aren’t rigged yet. But it’s going good so far, got his legs to not clip through his tunic which is nice :slight_smile:
I’ll add his sword and shield as well as jiggle bones in his hat once I finish his rig. Should I make the sword and shield a bodygroup or a seperate model where one has it and one doesnt?
Let me know which you’d like. ^^

I like the sword on the back but whichever is easiest for you. Thank you so much for continuing to work on it! I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually trying so I got confused but was afraid to ask more because I’d figured people would think I was being rude. >_<

I would just like to throw my support behind this playermodel. It needs to be done! By the way, for the sword and shield, I would personally prefer two separate models. This is because anyone who would like to use this on a pointshop server will likely have problems with a bodygrouped version… It seems to be a major pain to edit them through pointshop.

Yeah, I like making models with pointshops, or just servers in general in mind, and as far as I know you cant do bodygroups in pointshop so I’ll probably just make it like “Player_Link” and “Player_Linknoeqp” or something xP And you are right! Link needs to be done!
If I can, I might make Link have skingroups so that you can make him red, blue, purple, shadow and maybe even fierce deity. :slight_smile:

You can do playercolor, and bodygroups in pointshop, provided you add the necessary code into the pointshop addon.

Oh, Interesting. I suspected you could do that in sandbox but I’ve never seen a TTT server implement that, maybe a lot of people don’t know you can do that. xD

I actually use them in my TTT server.

Yeah you can do it, there’s code on the official pointshop thread somewhere for it. It’s just a pain to mess with sometimes, especially if you’re someone like me who only vaguely knows what they’re doing.