Link Player Model

I think this has been requested a couple times before, but I’m throwing it out there again. Is anyone willing to take the existing Brawl Link model and turn it into a playermodel?

I’ve seen him as a L4D2 player model so I don’t see why it’s not possible.

Oh really? Can I get a link to said player model, out of curiosity?

EDIT: Oh, I found a video of it…it dosen’t look very good, it’s all mushed up at the top, his head is too big, and his eyes have the purple-and-black checkered texture on them…That’s it at 0:52 in, right?

Ughh, someone needs to learn how to rig properly.

Of course it’s not good. Just saying if someone can do it there then they can do it for gmod.

Yeah, alot of those Envelopments look just as crappy as the Trenchcoat’s in Fallout 3. Though some of them didn’t come out to bad…