Link Playermode/NPC-port from Left 4 Dead 2?

I know this has been a request for pretty much ever, but as it turns out, a guy called “Pajama” made a mod for L4D2 that replaces Ellis with Link.

I’d love to use this for videos, is it possible for someone to port this version of Link to Gmod?

Here you go

Thanks for getting one up so fast, man, but I found some problems with the shading, or something:

While the hair looked normal at first under a lamp…[/t]

…When I shined a regular light on him, his hair looks like this:

Still looks the same on other maps, too.

$lightwarptexture "models\linkivors\coach\coach_head_wrp"

your missing this.

Alright, I’ll test that now.


The material file seems to have that line already in it. It’s still showing the pink hair, though. Coach already works in the game, so why isn’t the same shader or whatnot working for Link’s hair?


$lightwarptexture "models\survivors\coach\coach_head_wrp"

Try changing it to this.

That was actually my first thought, heh.

Seriously though, adding the coach head line thing to the Materials thing didn’t work.