[Link] Territorial Control Mod - Join in on the discussion over in the modding forum section!

Hello everyone!

If you haven’t already seen I have proposed an idea for a mod that I am looking at developing in the future. I am still in the early stages of planning the mod and are wanting the community to join in and help me refine the concept before I start developing it. At this current stage there are not enough tools in place for me to create the mod in entirety but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream about it one day becoming a thing! Below is a quick overview and then a link to the full description,

[Territory Control Mod]

This mod will aim to add territory’s to the game which can be claimed, conquered and fought over for fame and/or fortune. Certain areas of the game will be able to be claimed by a clan, in which allows that clan to build within the confines of the territory. No other people will be allowed to build within this area unless an opposing clan attacks the territory and claims it for themselves, via destroying its defenses. Different territory’s will have different benefits to owning them, these may generate resources for the clan or so on.

[Link to the Discussion]


Join in! Please post if you have any concerns, suggestions or ideas to make the mod better! The more interest I get on the topic the more likely I will be to develop it as soon as possible.


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