Link to the TF2 Gamemode?

So I was looking through some addons when I saw this thread I was trying to find a download link but they’re either dead or locked by a password. Does anyone have a download link for this?

You didn’t say please or thank you…

Alright… Can someone please give a download link? Thank you!

dude i want this too
plz give us the link

The Developer said:

So you’ll just have to wait for the Big Update to come.

Ah well. I can wait. Thanks anyway! I assume this is a more updated version?

Looks like it, but not out yet :expressionless:

Um anyone know(as of 2013) if its been released? i mean srsly. he said it would be out by december.
And umm… that link

is totally outdated. I would really like that gamemode. Tf2 doesnt work on my mac, but Gmod with the tf2 gamemode does. Well it works, but its slow as hell.

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ver_req 1071

ver_conv 1071 from_to 10

… Come on.
If your an idiot, this means…
the gamemode requires gmod 10 to show up in the gamemode selection.
And everyone uses gmod 13. And this is his reason

So hold on to your hats.
It’s gonna be a while.
My previous post has just been destroyed. >:)

Time wouldn’t necessarily bother me. As long as he still works on it, it’s fine by me. And jeez, of all of the threads to be revived, I never would’ve suspected this one.

Well, um maybe it will bother you now-
Expectations of the gamemode’s release is April next year.

Well hmm… Here’s a link to anyone that wants to try to fix it up for Gmod 13: . Yay for impatience.

Huh, well at least they’re still working on it and there’s a release date. By the way, where did you hear that?

If you read the first post, edited part, i got the estimate from the same post, and no i dont have the link. It’s on my old harddrive and I lost track of that.

Ah, okay. Well, guess there’s nothing to do but wait. Though I might try and look at that old version with my sub-average LUA knowledge.

You know, I’ve been waiting for this thing so long… I’ve wanted to make my own weapons.

No, it died.

Come on, my grammar isn’t that bad. Also _Kilburn is written with only one L.

Nice try though. :v:

There are many reasons behind the death of the TF2 Gamemode. From Garry changing and removing things all the time, to myself kinda losing interest in TF2. Yeah it’s a shame, I’ve had much fun coding it, but I just can’t maintain it anymore. As a matter of fact, I haven’t touched GMod in ages, I’ve completely lost track of what happened during the last updates, and I can’t bother fixing my code so it works with the latest version… if it is even fixable.

Aw, no! That was the only thing I was hoping for in GMOD 13! But I can see how you gave up on it. I tried to fix that old version only to get horrifying results. So I guess fixing it is impossible?

_Kilburn, you could release the “dead” version (if someone fixes it) and/or test it yourself. And I thought you developed it for GMod 13 beta.