Linking bones.

I know how to link bones, this thread is about another kind of linking.
So if you link two bones and try to move one, another one moves too. But how to link bones so if you move one bone, another one doesn’t but if way round, the linked bone moves?
What do I mean:

  • Say the bone05 is linked to the pistol, and when I move, the pistol doesn’t

  • But if I move the pistol ( bone06 ) bone05 moves too, is it possible?

I think you need to understand the concept of “helper bones” or “helper objects” in 3DS Max you can use a dummy object to act as the root bone that translates your mesh at the same time serves as the parent object to the bones for your model.

I would start by looking at the hierarchical structure of your bone rig.

Then reorganizing the linking structure to work with what you are doing.

upload an SMD or Max file lets see what you mean

Here’s the model.

Solved, thanks to cra0kalo for help.