Linking forum ranks to in-game ranks

Hello there,

I was wondering if it is somehow possible to link forum ranks/groups to ingame ranks like admin and stuff.
I’ve been looking around but found nothing.

If anyone has some more information about this i’d appreciate it if i were told. :]

thank’s a lot

so if i use this, and promote someone on my forum, the person will promote in the server as well?

That does not sync rankings.

It does.

it’s shitting up darkrp jobs though.
or is it me being an idiot when it comes to lua?

-inb4 darkrp sucks.

I don’t really see how it can “shit up the darkrp jobs”, but you need to give some more information if you want help with that.

well, at first, i had no idea how to add it, so i just added it to addons, but that seemed to turn all values to nil upon joining the game. (all being job, salary and money)

Did you configure it to connect to your forum database and installed MySQLoo?

well, i’ll have to ask my forum manager, i’ll let you know.

>i don’t know shiiiit