Linking SrcDS instances

Would connecting multiple dedicated servers together, sharing information about players and props etc, be possible? It would provide many times the processing power and bandwidth for that (not server) network.

It would be like it is with IRC servers, for those of you who know. Connecting to any one of the servers will allow you to interact with any player/prop on that network.

If this is possible, how would it be done? I don’t know much Lua (yet), but looking at LuaSocket made me excited, and the first idea I got was this.

This might just be stupid though. I don’t know how this would be done, like I said.

Write to and read from a single database.

Not what he meant and no.

Absolutely not. He was maybe thinking about cross server chat, but for live data (players, props etc) a database would slow things down horribly.

EDIT: I’ve been looking at the GMod Lua wiki, and as far as I can tell, datastream.Hook() would be used to retrieve position (and possible chat) data for players. Is this correct?

And by the way: If you have anything to add to this project, please do. I need help.