Links of Space/Sci-Fi Themed Maps

I’m trying to find as many Space or Sci-Fi themed maps as possible and I’d like some people to try and give me either names or links for maps on a comic I’m planning on

Ideally I’d to see maps that should be a mixture of Space build and Sci-Fi maps like inf_cerberus or gm_new_worlds

So far the current one’s I’ve downloaded are:

*sb_gooniverse and still looking

I’d appreciate links if possible but names are okay too



Here’s one I made a lot of time ago.

It was for the scifi contest. It doesn’t have much in it, really.

 I too have been looking. Specifically for a spacebuild (or similar)map from a while back, if anyone knows of the name, it had a ship that was derilect in the center of the map (with a bridge, docking bay, teleporter, stairs, some health thing in quarters), and a few planets. Some (or one, I cannot recall) had a teleporter linking it to the ship.

Anyone seen this map before?

I “think” it may be sb/gm_gooniverse, not too sure. I’m pretty certain it had a ship in the middle of it that was empty, not too sure if it was a derelict but there was a ship there

And thanks for the links guys, been a great help

good ol’ rp_bahamut


I believe you are looking for GM_Galactic_RC1

Yes, that was it, thank you.

Concerning the Sci-fi maps, couldn’t you use the green screen map and paste in sci-fi backgrounds?

I very well could do that for the outside ship bits but there a few that I think would like just to do in original map