Links to GMod 13 Tool gun tools for server...

Hey guys, I need some links to tools for gmod13 servers. I tryed a lot of them, Yet none worked, I need the following:

Easy Precision,
Advanced Stacker,
No Collide Multi,
Smart Welding,
Fading Door Tool,
Keypad / Keypad Advanced.

I look everywhere for them.

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Search the Workshop, it can’t be that hard.

Yes, I tryed already but .gma files ARE not supported, Neither are the converters.

You have to edit the workshop.vdf.

    "1"        "104479831" // Stacker
    "2"        "104815552" // SmartSnap
    "3"        "104480013" // Weight STool
    "4"        "104482652" // Multi-Parent
    "5"        "104482426" // Multi No Collide
    "6"        "104818321" // Buoyancy Tool
    "7"        "104468359" // gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2
    "8"        "104482086" // Easy Precision
    "9"        "105899137" // Fin Tool
    "10"           "105841291" // More Materials
    "11"           "104506404" // Poly Weld
    "12"           "106681516" // Nexus Core (E2 Teleportation)
    "13"           "106516163" // PlayX
    "14"           "115510325" // Freespace 13

This is mine for example…

EDIT: The server will download these addons on startup…

Does this go into a .lua file somewhere then? I do remember my developer saying something about .lua into a file to make the stuff download.

workshop.vdf goes to orangebox/garrysmod on your dedicated server

If you want to be a server owner, then you really should learn some lua. Then you can fix all the broken addons and scripts yourself and you won’t have to rely on random people uploading them to random places, considering the fact that these “fixed” addons don’t work properly most of the time.

I did learn some of the harder type of lua, I made custom darkrp moneyprinter and various other things, I didn’t know about this type of server things because I learnt most of my lua in gmod10