Linux Auto Server Reboot

My server freezes up sometimes, because of something with MySQL.
i know Windows has watchdog, but what does Linux have to auto-reboot on freezes, or if that’s not possible, is it possible to do a server reboot every day or so?

are you using mysqloo


how much addons use mysqloo?

re-code them to use tmysql4 as mysqloo has issues that may be resulting in cpu hog issue.

About 5.

mysqloo does not CPU hog, it memory leaks if used really badly, and doesn’t shutdown properly.

yeah it does.

make something connect, turn off mysql server, make a query to database, cpu hog. I don’t remember if it’s ever lasting or if it’s temporary, but I do remember this happening from it.

The CPU Usage of the server isn’t bad.

I personally switch to tmysql I’ve been reading it has better performance than mysqloo and keeps a constant connection.

I know when I used mysqloo on my server it would slowly just break my server until it would freeze and need a restart.

If you don’t want to switch you could try using cron or something on Linux to do a restart at a certain time at night.

Also one last thing that I highly doubt is the cause but make sure your not using ,I think the command is like query:wait() or whatever, cause it will freeze your server until it gets the data from the database.