[Linux] [Bug] Artifacting / Glitching on menu items, server list, in-game chat and recipe menus on Linux

If anyone here has had the same issue, a “me too” would be appreciated. Even better, if anyone’s been able to resolve this issue, steps you took to fix it would be awesome, as I can’t find anyone else reporting this same issue on the forums or on support.facepunchstudios.com.

I am experiencing an issue on Rust for Linux that affects menu items and chat text. This issue presents itself in the main menu, server list, in game chat, and recipe menu. These items display with severe artifacting that often makes it impossible to read the items.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use Linux with xserver-xorg-radeon drivers or fglrx drivers, using Arch Linux or Ubuntu
  2. Launch Rust in fullscreen or windowed mode
  3. Observe main menu news panels, server list items, in-game chat, and recipe menus
  4. If issue doesn’t present itself, play in windowed mode and try resizing the window

Things I have tried:

  • Multiple Linux distributions: This issue presents itself on both Arch Linux and Ubuntu
  • Multiple window managers: I have used i3, LXDE, and Unity. All present this issue
  • Multiple graphics settings: This issue presents regardless of what quality settings I select
  • Fullscreen and Windowed
  • Observing terminal output: Terminal output while launching ./Rust does not display any errors
  • Multiple video drivers: Both radeon (open-source ATI drivers) and fglrx (closed-source ATI drivers) present this issue

Also significant: The way in which the UI elements are distorted changes randomly when the window is resized. It does seem to be random: resizing the window back to the same resolution will not present the same amount of distortion. As a result the only way to work around the issue right now is to play in windowed mode and randomly resize the window until the distortion is minimal. This can often take 5+ minutes, making it very hard to play the game, given how much rust crashes on Linux as it is.

http://a.pomf.se/ajhbdy.png - Main Menu
http://a.pomf.se/xcdiag.png - Server List
http://a.pomf.se/wxztgo.png - In-game Chat
http://a.pomf.se/onltlg.png - Recipe Menu

http://a.pomf.se/uqwiwt.webm - Walkthrough of the bug in all four elements, without resizing
http://a.pomf.se/qukgcj.webm - Demonstration of resizing to change the way in which the distortion occurs

I have also submitted a bug report at support.facepunchstudios.com here:

similar? http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1452845