Linux(CentsOS 6,7) multithread srcds

I have not found enough information of gmod multithread srcds.
if it be possible to make **srсds multithread **?
We can make Windows srcds, but that are resource-intensive.

Your suggestions?

SRCDS is single-threaded by design, you can’t do anything about it.

But metastrust using linux, and to me there is someone saying that there are many cores.

There’s no way they can use multiple cores for SRCDS, those cores may be used by other stuff and OS itself. (Actually SRCDS has a separate thread for networking, so that may be offloaded too)

But i was told metastrust using all cores of vps.

Well, they aren’t using it for a single server.

You could always pin srcds to two cores so that it doesn’t get shifted around by the OS - that might improve performance a little. My understanding is that one thread is for networking and the other is for everything else.

Yea, that might help a bit. Although that networking thread is consuming very small amount of CPU time so it very well may remain on a core used by other stuff without any problems (unless that other stuff loads down the core of course).

Why do u need this in the first place? All good servers are fine with this, you just need to setup all right and make optimizations in game like metastruct tries to freeze props on lag.