Linux Computer- When I open Gmod, it says "preparing to launch Garry's mod", then the message dissapears, and my computer freezes up.

Whenever I try to launch Garry’s mod, it shows the steam preparing to launch message, then it dissappears, and my computer freezes. I can’t see Gmod in the task bar, and can’t do anything with a frozen computer. And better yet, my operating system is brand new, with almost no software installed on it. I just got Gmod today, and I have no mods/add-ons/whatever you call them.
My Linux computer specs:
Linux Mint Maya 32-bit Cinnamon
Gateway Model M6309
Please help. All help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Why are you trying to run Garry’s mod on Linux?
I know Steam is on Linux but I don’t think Garry’s Mod supports it yet.

It does. Look on the website. It says “tested for linux” everywhere.

As of now these are all the games that support the Linux version of steam.
You might be able to emulate it through WINE but I doubt it would run any good.

…where are you seeing htis

I run gmod in linux

-Get PlayonLinux ( )
-Install Steam in PlayonLinux.
-Run Steam in PlayonLinux
-Install Gmod
Sorry this was a bit late.