Linux crash with internet problems

I’m unsure if this is the same across every OS but when the internet is disconnected I have to hard reset my computer as Rust will freeze.
Only began after latest update.
I’ve found it can also be triggered when I use mic and speak, even if internet is still connected.

Ubuntu 14.04
AMD FX 6 something
fglrx drivers.

I’m not getting this. I’m using bodhi Linux 3.2.0 with an fx9590 and gtx970 (prop. drivers).
Bodhi is ubuntu based so… Hell if I know. Blame AMD? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does your internet disconnect randomly any other times? Are you using wifi?
If it’s happening when you use the mic maybe it’s audio related? Are you using pulse or alsa? Pulse is usually the problem with every videogame, I don’t know why.


Does it give you the same error running in wine?

I’m just throwing stuff out here. I feel like more information is needed but I might just be too stoned to see the problem properly.