Linux Dedi Booting Players

I’m running a Linux dedicated, and occasionally on a map change, it will crash some players, and not allow them to rejoin. The console says something about their Steam auth ticket being cancelled, and error code 6, or it just says they timed out. It only happens on this specific server for them, and only after a map change. After a restart or another map change, they are able to join fine. It’s not the map.

How odd, I can’t remember if it’s the same steam error but try disabling VAC.

VAC really doesn’t do anything for garrysmod anymore and only causes issues in reality, like when there servers hiccup and kick a few folk. Which actually has stopped happening recently, but who knows when it will again ;).

How do I disable it? Also, it crashes their Garry’s Mod, not just kicks them.

-insecure in the commandline

I don’t recommend keeping VAC off though, you will get a lot of hackers and undesired players.

Okay. Is there anything else I can do to fix the problem?
If it helps, it happens to the same 2-3 people each time. They’ve tried validating GMod, restarting Steam, and deleting everything but steam.exe. One of them I know uses vanilla GMod, so that is not the problem.

It’s still doing the same thing, but not it’s doing something new: It’s saying that they aren’t connected to Steam, even though they are.