Linux edition is so much fun! I will be a samatarian and I leave these here in case you want to nerf our built-in night-vision sometimes.

arch linux, kernel, open source drivers (amd hd7850). It looks like this for around 2 weeks now. Bringing the shaders to max will make trees white. Im not the only one having these chea… bugs.
Yeah, the players glow in the night. Yeah, I see them from miles.

I see nothing wrong here :v:

seriously though, switch to AMD’s drivers. The package should be named “catalyst”

Free WH…

Well, thats not an option and probably would not work. For AMD the propietary driver(catalyst) is the messier to deal with and just slightly improves performance. 2x the struggle on arch as I have to switch back dependencies which are too new to be supported.

Also, I played months(!) without any problems like this occurring.