[Linux] New Segmentation Fault

Welp, this one goes over my head just a bit. I left my server up last night and came back to find it down. Trying to restart it just produces this. I’ve tried the normal “purge and verify” method, but it failed. Also, I apologize if there’s a thread relating to this already. Google let me down.

I was setting up a linux server and I was getting a few segment errors, So I just moved over to Windows XP works first time.

This isn’t the point of having a Linux server :\

What was the point of replying :confused:

remove bin and garrysmod/bin folders and use hldsupdatetool to update then run again.

Didn’t try the one in the garrysmod folder, so I’ll do that.

Edit: Didn’t work. Entire error the console spits out.

The debug log is in the OP. Looks like “Game_srv.so” is corrupted or something.

No chance in hell I’m dropping Linux for Windows. I run more than just srcds on my server.