Linux or windows server for gmod?

Hello, I’m going to run some game servers on my old mac mini, the main servers being garry’s mod.
I have access to almost all windows licenses, so I was wondering should I run linux or windows? I’ve heard that linux can be unstable, and I don’t know if it’s easy to set up, or if it’s easy to have on a mac.
If windows, which version?
If linux, which version?

I want it to be easy to set up, the problems I’ve had with linux before is that it takes so long time to set everything up.

Mac mini 3,1
Intel Core 2 duo, 2 GHz
4GB ram

If anything, linux is more stable and requires less resources.

Indeed, if you can use linux use if.

If you can’t, learn and still use it.

Linux by far. It’s very easy to learn how to use. I’d say a debian (or debian-based?) install of linux is your best bet, but don’t take my word for that since I’m still learning myself. Just follow the guides from here:

Yes, I went with debian. It’s working great and it was quite easy. Thank you everyone