Linux Performance

4.4.1-2-ARCH, Nvidia 361.28, gtx770, i7 4770k @ 4300. Fantastic present. And… 20 fps. 20! CARL 20 FPS
Windows 7, same shit. 80-100 fps.
Wine doesn’t work with eac (then rust).
So, how to do?

I’m sorry; I don’t quite understand; are you running Rust on Linux or on Windows and what exactly is the problem you’re encountering?

Ok. I tell you:
If i running Rust on the Linux i have 20 fps.
If i running Rust on the windows i have 100 fps.
My problem is difference in perfomance, and i want to know, it is me do wrong, or garry give a dick for linux users?

Try turning things off like “sharpen” in Linux. I found for my system that sharpen seemed to be an issue. I am running it on Debian 8 with a GTX 970 and have been very impressed and only play on Linux. If your thinking that you will have the exact same FPS with identical settings to windows your dreaming. But with a little tweaking you might find that magic spot. In fact I have found with some settings (over the builds) Linux would give me a few frames more than Windows and vice versa.

I would say Linux currently is running the best it ever has.

Linux users don’t have the same priority as windows users.
Check the stats on this 2015 review blog:

In 2015 the peak player distributions of windows players was 29219, mac was 504 and linux only 48.

You have to also take that with a grain of salt. For the majority of it’s existence the game ran like real piss on Linux and many/most times would not even start or have some serious game breaking issue. So you can’t expect high numbers if most of us could not even get the game to start :).

My point on all of that is don’t expect a lot of people running on a platform that it does not work on. Good job for those 48 who persevered but most of us moved on. As of now, it’s running really well and it’s great that I can play on Linux since that was the reason why I purchased the game in the first place.

I don’t get why people use Linux, like are there any added benefits of it other then it being free and open source? Not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just generally wondering.

my uncle used to love it. supposedly it’s far more streamlined and customisable. it’s for people who want a lightweight, efficient os that they have total control over. the downside is you are responsible for everything.

it’s kind of the opposite to apple software which is mostly out of the users control, but very easy to use;)